When will my reflection show, who I am inside?

Lihui in Singapore, Lee in US and Mulan in the Airforce


We all have multiple fronts - as individuals, wife, mom, co-worker and human. This site attemps to share how the modern "Mulan" fights the everyday "wars" of modern life. From balancing life as a working adult, adulting, being a mom, traveller and just being a best version of yourself.

Working adult: Outcome-driven leader with 15 years of experience across Government, Tech, and Healthcare industries. Proven track record of resilience, effective leadership, and critical thinking while overseeing multimillion-dollar transformative projects across public and private sectors. Proficient in formulating strategic plans, driving community engagement, and utilizing data-driven insights to steer product development processes. Possesses strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities. Recipient of the Public Service Medal (Bronze) in recognition of contributions to Covid-19 response efforts.

Wife and Mom: Happily married for 10 years to my husband and co-pilot Eugene whom I met in the Airforce. We have two children amazing children aged 9 and 6.